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We are an independent firm of corporate finance to SME's with a special focus on dynamic companies. We are committed to progress, added value and cost effectiveness. We take pride in taking the extra mile to support our clients and make a difference where it matters

Our services to our clients include :


Business planning and strategy

We prepare business plans for client companies for a variety of reasons including: fund raising, ISDX listing, mergers or as an on-going tool to monitor business performance. We can assist in the preparation of the plan and its supporting financial projections as well as other related documents.

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Fund raising

We match private companies with the appropriate type and sources of capital. We focus on companies seeking to raise between £1m and £20 million. In a typical fund raising exercise we may also involve our preferred FSA approved advisors, structure the offer, assist in preparing the selling documentation, identify and introduce the company to potential investors and debt finance providers, negotiate the offer price and assist in executing the transaction. We have access to all types of potential investors from private individuals and venture capitalists through to financial institutions.

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Acquisitions & mergers

After a rigorous search and careful analysis we will seek out the target companies, establish contact and make formal introductions. We will pre sell the concept of a partnership and will report back to you on their fit with your objectives. We will support you with our negotiation skills and help you secure the optimum deal. We will assist during the contract negotiation process and ensure a successful completion.

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Business disposal and exit planning

By appraising your company and the objectives of its management and shareholders we can seek out the practical possibilities of realising its full value including the options available for realizing value. If you decide to proceed we will use our knowledge of the market and our specialist research skills to define your sales proposition and highlight the value of your business. We scan various databases to draw up a list of potential buyers that could fulfill your requirements.

Once you have short-listed your preferred partners, we will establish contact at the highest level with the appropriate companies, make the introduction, manage the negotiation process and complete the transaction smoothly.

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Due diligence

We can provide you the expertise and conduct the due diligence of your target company with maximum effectiveness to uncover all the important issues that you must know about. The report will assist in a number of ways:

  • to determine whether you should proceed with the purchase;
  • to arm you with information to help negotiate better terms with the company owners and advisors; and
  • to plan more effectively the post acquisition activities.

In this final stage of buying a business the seller provides access to its books, records and files and it is important to maximize the benefits of this established practice in an acquisition exercise. You will have a pre-determined period to investigate the information that you have been given so far.

This is also the phase when the seller may make its most expensive mistakes that can help the buyer.

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Tax mitigation strategies

Our objective is to assist businesses with specialist tax planning by providing a range of unique strategies that address the needs of entrepreneurs, their companies and other high net worth individuals.

This portfolio of tax planning strategies covers tax mitigation and deferral and is continually evolving to reflect the changing circumstances of clients, tax legislation and new tax planning ideas.

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Business registrations

We can help assist with a number of registration processes and accreditations that will greatly help your company to be more successful in fund raising, asset protection and enhanced profile.

The service will include advice and assistance about the relevance and benefits as well as the eligibility and the registration processes for your company in divers areas such as:

  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) to raise private investment more readily;
  • Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) to improve staff recruitment and retention;
  • Corporate Venturing Scheme (CVS) to facilitate investment from larger corporations;
  • IPR protection through trade-marks nationally and internationally.

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MBO advice

We can provide professional expertise and assistance to help you make the most of the MBO that could be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for financial success and security. We can guide you through what can be a long and pressurized process with many distinct aspects such as:

  • Exploring its feasibility;
  • Valuing and pricing it;
  • Structuring and funding of the MBO;
  • Identifying most suitable financial backers and negotiating the terms of the deal;
  • Taxation aspects for the team members and the new company; and
  • Post MBO strategy.

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Operational reviews

We can conduct a comprehensive operational and financial review of your company in the form of a business analysis and business process questions to asses whether there are hidden financial and operational problems or opportunities. We will produce a report and a plan of action for harnessing opportunities and solving problems and a review of your business objectives and strategic options.

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If you would like a printable copy of the information contained within our web site then the Maxim LLP Brochure is available here.